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Paris Never Modern Shirt


Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Its authenticity of architecture, arts, and people creates these beautiful vibes. We love seeing people walk the dog around the city which is the base concept of this design.


  • 5.6oz with 100% cotton
  • Price is 850 THB (= 25 USD)
  • We do international shipping, you can put your address during the payment for

    shipping cost. 


The big silhouette is perfect for the current mood and is a great item to expand your coordination options.


United Athle's big silhouette is attractive for its loose fit, with a focus on the balance of length, width, and shoulder width. It can be worn alone or layered, making it the perfect big T-shirt for the current trend of expanding the range of outfits. 


Quality control: UNITED ATHLE SHIRT (Japanese Quality)


"United Athle" produces products planned in Japan and manufactures products such as T-shirts, polo shirts, and Sweatshirts which are capable of secondary fabrication. These products are mainly made in China and SE Asia at our cooperation Factories under Japanese procedure quality control.

The 3 feature points of United Athle are as follows.

  • We think hard and produce our products earnestly with small details.

  • The qualities are checked under Japanese standards and Japanese procedures.

  • Our item lineups are full of variety, from basic items up to Items that are based on the trend.

Paris - Never Modern Shirt

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